The SMARTEST Academics Know You Can Save Months of Manual Repetition While Working on YOUR Thesis…

Unlock Microsoft Word’s Hidden Secrets In Under 4-hours and Make it Work FOR NOT AGAINST You.

Let a Microsoft Word Expert, who Microsoft themselves hired to help improve their own templates, guide you to guaranteed academic success.

Dear fellow academic and future cum laude,

My name’s Russ Crowley. That’s me there on the right receiving my degree.

Microsoft Word is a daunting prospect for many people and not just academics. I appreciate that as, though I’m now a certified Microsoft Word 2016 expert, I too struggled with it when I first started (24-years ago).

Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Expert (Word 2016) Badge

Creating basic documentation can be problematic, but with a study — especially for publishing in a journal for the worldwide academic profession to see – it needs to be nigh on perfect.

Let’s not mince words here, a large number do get rejected:

Less Than 64% of All Graduate STEM, Social Sciences, and Humanities Students Complete Their Program Within 10 Years*

So, the question is, will your publication make it?

Every student knows about the available thesis-creation platforms…

…but the learning curve for these complicated systems usually causes more harm than good.

With limited time, limited resources, and a stressful college environment

…the WORST thing you can do is dive into complex software that is hard to use and hard to fix.

Thousands of graduate students use these generic systems only to find themselves lost and overwhelmed!

There isn’t much we can do about the written and research side (you’ve still got to do that part); but, there are 2 major barriers that you must confront:

  • You need to know Microsoft Word.

    They’ve given you their template and their style guide. Now you’ve got to read through and understand what’s required and put it into practice. (Every single Uni style guide that I’ve ever read has missed out the most important aspect of learning and using Word)

  • You need to understand the exacting requirements of your University to be able to meet their publishing standards.

    If you don’t, what do you think will happen?

In fact, that’s only part of it. The real challenge is that you need to combine the above and submit a publication that meets world-class standards.

You Need to Bend Word and Make It Comply with Your Institution’s Requirements

For most, that’s where the real problems occur.

If you haven’t experienced Word yourself yet, here’s what marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki said,

“…Word is a beast, and you will need to wrestle it to the ground.”

Mr. Kawasaki was publishing a book, and that has a set of requirements quite different to those for academic publishing. But, the difficulty of Word remains unchanged. So,

Get Ready to Wrestle!

Unless you’re lucky, of course.

I will admit that the Word template and guidelines from some institutions are better than others. But I wouldn’t say any are of great help to you, the author. (And I’ve seen quite a few in my time.)

And neither is this (apologies for the quality, it’s an original):

Now, don’t get me wrong,

I’ll Be the First to Admit

if you can make their document and guidelines work then go for it. I sincerely hope it works for you.

However, and again this is from my own personal experience,

Many authors struggle


Because, as shown above, the material you’re given to work from isn’t itself of publishing standard. As someone who teaches Microsoft Word, the manuals and courses I see are just poor reflections of the one that came before. And therein lies the problem.

Your Guidance is the Product of a Limited Level of Word Knowledge

On a day-to-day basis, it’s not too much of an issue. It’s livable.

But for published works? No! Not a chance.

That’s great for me as I get the last minute, frantic, firefighting-deadline emails and calls…

…but, it’s not so great for you.

I’m sure you realize that it’s not your fault?

Sure, you can query your institution. You can even complain, if you want. But I can imagine their response being some form of either, “Well, this is how we’ve always done it” or “Well, this is how others did it and they passed.

But Why Should YOU Squander Weeks and Months of Unnecessary Work Just Because They Did?

We all get the hand we’re dealt with. And you certainly don’t grow up with MS Word and a keyboard at the end of your fingertips.

You get what you’re given (as we all do).

 But what you do within those constraints is up to you.

What Do You Do Now, What’s the Worst-case Scenario?

  • Failure?

    No-one ever goes into their study looking to fail, right? But what are the consequences if you do? Not least the shame, but everything else. Your thesis shapes your life!

  • Loss of Time?

    It’s going to take you a few years anyway, and you don’t want to come out with it empty-handed. All that wasted time, effort, and energy is soul-destroying and is something you don’t even want to think about.

  • Another Semester?

    Given your commitment to this, the last thing you want to be told is you’ve got to extend another semester to finish. Not least the ignominy of all your friends around you finishing (and you aren’t) but the financial aspect too. That going to sting!

It Doesn’t Even Bear Thinking About, Does It?

So, what are your options?

As I see it, there are 2:

  1. You can sweat, struggle, and maybe even lose tears over your work (my wife did; and that’s what prompted me to do this) and risk losing it all/having to fork out thousands of dollars for another semester; or
  1. You can make life a little less worrying and a whole lot easier by getting assistance from someone who’s experienced at this and who knows exactly what they’re doing.

In case you missed it before, I’m a certified Microsoft Word expert (with Word 2016) who’s been using Word for over 24-years. I’ve also been formatting Word documents professionally for clients all over the world since 1999.

I don’t say this to brag — I just want you to know exactly where we stand – but, I do know Microsoft Word inside out.

However, it reads better if others tell you:

And a few more…

See What Others Have to Say

So, as you can see, I do excel with Microsoft Word. I know what I’m doing.

And that’s why I am certain I can help you.

You’re not going to disagree when I say that your time and mental health are essential to getting through graduate school on both feet…

Why not use a system you’re already familiar with?

In fact, why not build your thesis with the most powerful and reliable content software in the world?

According to research published by German Psychologists (2), scholarly texts prepared using Microsoft Word were prepared faster, easier, and with less typesetting, orthographical, grammatical, and formatting errors than those using LaTeX.

Yes, publishing a study does have stringent requirements. But Word will throw up a bundle of its own problems too.

Some Common Problems You’ll Encounter…

Such as:

  • Formatting becomes random

    One day you’ll open your document and that beautiful APA style formatting which you’d spent days aligning and tweaking will look like someone threw your computer against the wall and all your sentences and paragraphs rejected gravity.

  • Heading numbering makes no sense

    you’ll be renumbering your Table of Contents and their respective page numbers for the 37th time before you realise that there must be a better way.

  • Your page numbering won't run consecutively

    And it has to. You can’t have missed or jumped pages. That’s a no-no.

  • The page number formatting in your front matter is wrong

    Different parts of your thesis needs different number formats: the front matter has no page numbers, then there are lowercase Roman numerals, and the main body uses Arabic numbers. Again, you have to get this right.

  • Blank pages...

    Whatever you do, you just can’t get rid of that last page

  • Images keep moving

    They never stay in the same position

  • Table formatting

    Your table formatting ‘doesn’t do what it should’ and it doesn’t conform to the correct style

  • Font sizes keep changing

    The font sizes keep changing

  • Table of Figures, Tables and Equations

    Have you any idea how long it takes to do these manually? (The good news is, you don’t have to.)

  • Checking each and every citation

    Yes, you do have to go through your study and ensure you’ve cited every single one of your references in-text AND cited correctly (my wife had 27-pages of references for her thesis) I could go on, but these are just some of the more common issues that I’ve encountered (and that you may have to contend with).

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

The good news is, there is a better solution to this.

Much better.

It’s called 1-Click Thesis.

What is 1-Click Thesis

1Click Thesis

1-Click Thesis is a Microsoft Word application. It’s a VBA application (Visual Basic for Applications). VBA is where the ‘magic’ happens.

Watch this video to see it in action:

As you can see, 1-Click Thesis offers a reliable and flexible thesis-creation platform that is both easy to master and reliable.

Organize and manage your publication automatically, while seamlessly building your design and format with our customized Word template (it’s based on APA style, but is simple to change to other styles. That’s the beauty of Microsoft Word).

Focus your time and effort on the quality of your research, and leave the rest of the journey to us! This proven tool helps create faster, smoother, and better-quality publications without the hassle of having to learn difficult software.

  • Organise & Streamline as You Go

    Word has many powerful features which automates so many tedious tasks in document creation: 1-Click Thesis harnesses these for your benefit allowing you to focus 100% on what you need to do, eliminating wastage and distractions

  • Customisable Menus & Framework for Faster Creation

    Many say that Word also ‘looks complicated’. Whether this is by design or not doesn’t matter. 1-Click Thesis’ custom menus means the common functions you will need are just 1-click away.

  • 1-Click Systems for Better Management

    With our video training, you’ll soon see how easy it is to take control of, and use, Microsoft Word to your ultimate advantage. You can save weeks of effort over the course of your study, freeing you up to concentrate on more important tasks (such as research).

We designed this publication system to offer what every graduate student seeks in their tool set…

  • Convenience…

  • Efficiency

  • Equality....

Instead of wasting time mastering software and making mistakes, 1-Click Thesis leverages the most powerful content management system to help guide you through every step!

Automation IS Efficiency

We designed and built 1-Click Thesis to ease the stress of keeping up with all the pieces that come with publications:

  • Automated Table of Contents

    Do you seriously expect to update your Table of Contents manually every time you finish a block of work? What if it’s 8-10 pages long? Instead, put your feet up and let Word update this with a single click.

  • Linked Citations

    Before you submit your work, you have to check every single citation – every single one: are they referenced in the document? Are they inserted correctly? What about incorrect citations, where you’ve listed the source in your references list but the item’s not listed in-text? How are you going to find them? How long will it take you? Word can do this in minutes.

    (My wife had 207 items in her references list for her thesis. Checking every single one manually would take days. With Word’s referencing, you can do it in hours – it took me just over 2 hours to check and verify the lot!)

  • Simple Figures, Tables, and Graphs

    Use Word’s functions and what would normally take hours, now takes seconds

  • An easy to see (and manage) document structure

    Great for navigation, orientation, restructuring, consistency, validation, and managing

  • Equation Building

    If you need to add complex equations to your work, don’t try and do them manually, they’re too fiddly; no, use Word’s Equation Editor. It’s much easier

  • Easy to use tables

    Tables are erratic in Word. Unless you know why they behave like that, of course. Once you do, they’re simple. The problem is, few know how to set them up and use them. With 1-Click Thesis, you’ll never struggle again

  • Automated linked captioning (for figures, tables, equations, and any label that you like

    Why track anything manually when Word will do it for you? Figures, tables, equations, etc., are a time-sucking drain to handle in Word: as soon as you add a new sentence which forces everything down onto a new page, all your figures, tables, etc., have to have their page numbers updated in the front matter tables. Doing it manually every time will have you in tears. So, let Word do it and sit back smiling!

  • Custom menus to make formatting '1-click'

    Dispel any doubt about what you need to do in Word. These custom menus incorporate 90% of everything you’ll ever need to do in Word to create, format, and publish a World-class thesis.

  • Cross-referencing

    This feature alone will save you days of work. Once you’ve cross-referenced, you can move the item, renumber elements in the document and Word still remembers. The good news is, you can cross-reference mostly anything. For the items you can’t, we have:

  • Bookmarking

    There are many mighty features in Word; but you seriously won’t comprehend how mighty this on is. Most think of bookmarking as a cardboard rectangle you slide between your pages just before you go to sleep. Oh no, not with this. Such a colossal feature, which is perfect for academic writing, mostly unheard of, and so underused

Formatting these correctly can be an insurmountable puzzle. Before, only seasoned academic experts could quickly shape a high-quality thesis.

Now though, you can benefit from a 23 years Word expert who does this for a living.

1-Click Thesis Uses Word

To quickly fill the gaps in the background while you work!

With Microsoft Word being one of the fastest and most efficient content-creation platforms in the market, build your publication with professional formatting, and with significantly less mistakes than other platforms.

When it comes to such a competitive environment…

MARGINAL MISTAKES can make the difference between academic greatness, and an additional semester of tiring research!

We are here to offer a refined revolutionary scholarly publication system that offers the essential components that graduate students need.

What You Get

1-Click Thesis is a Microsoft Word macro-enabled template that works on pc versions of MS Word 2007 .

For all you Mac lovers out there, sorry. The code is incompatible with the Mac. However, it does run on Parallels on the Mac with pc versions of Word (Word 2007 ).

1-Click Thesis comes with:

  • 1-Click Thesis Microsoft Word Template
  • 2 Personal Licenses (for use on your own computers)
  • 1-Click Abstract Microsoft Word Template – this is if you need to submit your abstract as a separate document
  • 1-Click Essay Microsoft Word Template – you’re going to need to submit an assignment/essay or 2 along the way, so we cover that also
  • 1-Click Thesis Getting Started Guide (a 26-page fully illustrated pdf) – this guide takes you through installation and configuration of your system to allow the macros to run. Don’t worry, it’s straightforward and all my code is digitally-signed.
  • 1-Click Thesis User Guide (a 44-page fully illustrated pdf) – this gets you up and running on the essentials of using the template and Word. This is essential reading, but it won’t take you long.
  • Access to my closed Facebook group (Microsoft Word Publishing), where you can ask me questions and get rapid answers to all your MS Word academic questions.

All of this is accessible in the members’ area. Registration takes place immediately after purchase and you can be up and running in minutes.

Price today is $97*. Click on the button, below, to get started.

How to Get Started

The top scholarly researchers adopt a publication system that works for them, yet spend months of their time:

  • Learning Difficult Platforms
  • Memorizing Commands
  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

And I think you’ll agree when I say that your time is better spent engaging with your research.

To Ensure Your Success…

1 Click Thesis offers quick and effortless training videos that make mastering this system as easy as watching a video.

I’ve recorded a full set of training videos to guarantee that even a beginner can succeed with this program.

Comprised of 6 modules, the video training covers every stage from downloading 1-Click Thesis, installing and configuring Word, then creating, formatting, and publishing your thesis.

Note: There is a 3-step sequence to installing the app and configuring the security settings on your PC in Microsoft Word. 99% of people have no problem and can do it themselves. However, if after watching the 3 videos, you can’t install the app and configure your system, I can do it for you for a 1-off fee of $30.

All of which will save you days, if not weeks of work.

Here’s what we’ve got:

Module 1 – Getting Started:

  • 01 – Tidying your desktop after installation (04:30)
  • 02 – Licensing (04:03)

Module 2 – Create New Thesis:

  • 01 – Add and save your book information (02:56)
  • 02 – Create new thesis (03:46)
  • 03 – Custom menus (07:17)

Module 3: Importing Content and Formatting Your Thesis:

  • 01 – Sanitize and import (04:59)
  • 02 – Format your paper (08:18)
  • 03 – Finish formatting (05:38)

Module 4: Word’s Tools:

  • 01 – Captions (08:03)
  • 02 – Abbreviations (07:29)
  • 03 – Cross-referencing (07:44)
  • 04 – Footnotes and endnotes (03:17)
  • 05 – Equations (01:53)
  • 06 – Referencing (4 videos – 31 minutes; you can see 1 of them below)
  • 07 – Tracked changes (04:29)
  • 08 – Bookmarks

Module 5: Styles, Sections, Tables & Columns:

  • 01 – Styles (2 videos – 11 minutes)
  • 02 – Sections (3 videos – 22 minutes)
  • 03 – Tables & Columns (09:14)

Module 6: Other Word Elements:

  • 01 – Document properties (04:31)
  • 02 – Word’s Navigation Pane (07:35)
  • 03 – Non-Breaking Characters (01:30)

No More Excuses

Our dynamic guide accelerates learning how to produce perfect publications, leaving you more time to research

Leaving you more time to relax

And leaving you more time to polish your resume!

I’d like you to do 2 things now:

  1. Watch this 7-minute video on how to use Word’s power to quickly and easily check that all your listed citations are correct and cited in-document.
  1. Ask yourself how long it would normally take you to do this?

Note: this is one of the training videos inside the members’ area.

This is the power of Word

Our automation system will explode your career prospects

And forever change how the academic world sees you and your work.

GET LIFETIME ACCESS to an up-to-date and secure publication system that will grow and scale with you.

Today, just $97*.

My Guarantee to You

As a gesture of how much I want to you give this a go, to put your trust in me and how I can help you, I am offering a full 100%, 30-day no quibble, questions, or arguments, money-back guarantee. So, your purchase is risk free.

Try 1-Click Thesis for 30-days and, if you’re not 100% satisfied in any way shape or form, send me an email and I’ll refund you 100%.  I mean this. Whatever your reason (and, by the way, you don’t have to give a reason – that’s what I mean when I say unconditional) send me an email within the 30-day period and you’ll get your money-back as soon as I see it.

I also mean it when I say that you have nothing to lose, and all the risk is on me. It is.

So, Let’s Review EXACTLY What You Get

A quick review of what you will receive today:

  • 1-Click Thesis Microsoft Word Template
  • 2 Personal Licenses (for use on your own computers)
  • 1-Click Abstract – this is if you need to submit your abstract as a separate document
  • 1-Click Essay – you’re going to need to submit an assignment/essay or 2 along the way, so we cover that also (consistency is key in quality documentation. Using a single system helps you stay consistent)
  • 1-Click Thesis Getting Started Guide (a 26-page fully illustrated pdf)
  • 1-Click Thesis User Guide (a 44-page fully illustrated pdf)
  • 3-hours of high-quality video training showing everything you need to automate Word and make the entire process a breeze!
  • Access to my closed Facebook group (Microsoft Word Publishing), where you can ask me questions and get rapid answers to all your MS Word academic questions.
  • 30-days 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

Join me now and open the way to your stress-free academic success by clicking on the button below:

Today, just $97.

Our Mission

The goal of 1 Click Thesis is to offer a better opportunity for student or professional researchers to maximize the quality of their publication.

Updated and refined regularly, 1-Click Thesis ensures that our members produce the best discoveries!

Created by me, Russ Crowley, a certified Microsoft Word Expert with over 24-years of experience with Microsoft Word. My passion lies in giving innovators the technology and framework for creating solutions for the world.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY and take advantage of an opportunity to change the pace of your research for the better!

I urge you to act today.

Russ Crowley

Microsoft Office Specialist Expert
This author with Odi and Miian

p.s. The easiest thing in the world is to do nothing and stay where you are. Not only will you likely regret this in 6-months or so, but also when you decide to make the decision you want to make today, the price will be far higher. Act today and you get a 30-days’ unconditional, money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

But you must act. So, act now, click below:

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*Institutions – contact us for bulk licenses